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Top accounts sold over 5,000$

Most expensive account ever sold in World of Warcraft

The most expensive account ever sold in World of Warcraft, this is the actual World record all time, happened on our platform on 4th June 2021. We're beyond happy to list Thomas E. from Germany in our Hall of Fame and we thank him for trusting our services.

He purchased a World of Warcraft account from (The best place to buy WoW Accounts), a Top Tier Paladin account for
25,000£, the equivalent to 34,700$ or 29,250EUR.

With his permission we will have a small Q&A with him and also list some amazing features the account had.

✔️9 x Level 60 Characters
✔️11 x Rank 1
✔️15 x Gladiator Mounts
✔️Corrupted Ashbringer (in bags)
✔️9/9 Paladin T3
✔️8/9 Warrior T3
✔️Scarab Lord
✔️Over 830+ Mounts
✔️All removed mounts from Vanilla (Mounts that where removed in patch 1.4)
✔️All legendaries In-Game
✔️Over 36,000 Achievements
✔️Over 9,000,000 gold+
✔️Carved Ogre Idol (goes for 6,000$) and many many other expensive and unobtainable toys/items, legacy sets.

Q&A Hello Mr. Thomas, first things first we would like to congratulate you on your purchase and we thank you for using our platform. If you could please tell us a few things about yourself to warm things up? 😊

Thomas: Hello and thank you so much for delivering this amazing account, I might sound nerdish but I've wanted an account like this for ages, the removed mounts from Vanilla had me sold, haha. My name is Thomas and I am from Germany, I am 36 years old. How does it feel to own the most expensive account ever sold in World of Warcraft?
Thomas: It feels amazing, for me atleast. I don't want people reading this to mistake me for Bill Gates or something similar, that's not the case but while everyone's ranting about investing into CryptoCoins or other stuff related, TCG Sports Cards, I've made this investment for my pure passion and I plan to leave this legacy to my beautiful boy who's turning 14 next month, he's into World of Warcraft aswell and he's quite passionate about it. That's great news indeed, happy birthday to your son from all of family. What's your view on the current stage of World of Warcraft, many people consider it to be a dying game, you've made a pretty big investment, what pushed you, beyond the removed mounts?
Thomas: I have my own view of things and I think everyone should follow their heart when it comes to buying a World of Warcraft account. I've started playing World of Warcraft in 2005 but I didn't have the required time back than to dedicate myself into it that much but it was my "teenager love", the graphics, the music..everything sounded perfect. Over the time, feel free to blame me but that's my view on things, people started to become more drama oriented rather than enjoying the game, I've been out of the game for 6 years, played it casually or not at all but I am still enjoying it to this day. I consider World of Warcraft a game which will never die, I didn't buy the account to resell it later, I've bought it as a passionate decision to pass it over to my next generation, my son. Ofcourse he has other priorities aswell but I respect the time he dedicates to World of Warcraft rather than other outside activities that teenagers have nowadays. It shaped me for the better, I am sure it will do the same to him, ofcourse, with a limit.
When I first contacted you guys I have to admit I was a little skeptical since I am really pretentious and I wouldn't have invested that much if this account wouldn't have had everything I wanted. Wow, that's a great perspective to look at things and I personally agree with you on the fact that World of Warcraft will never die and the prices will keep on climbing. We thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, if you have any last thoughts you want to share with the people or send a shout out.
Thomas: I appreciate you guys for doing what you're doing and thank you for including that Swift Spectral Tiger TCG Loot Card into the price of the account, on eBay they go for 9,000$, you guys sell it for 5,000$. I have to admit that I was shaking a bit, sending close to 30,000€ but I am happy you kept every word you promised, gives me a huge peace of mind that the account is now on my name and I can actually enjoy it. I would've never bought an account if it wouldn't have been on my name. The account it's perfect and so are your services, thank you.

World of Warcraft most expensive account sold
World of Warcraft most expensive account sold
World of Warcraft most expensive account sold

Scarab Lord Rogue
Level 60
25,000+ Achievements
250+ Mounts

Legacy account
Swift Spectral Tiger
Full Tier3
All CM Completed

Sold for 5,850EUR

Claimed by Walter S.

Scarab Lord Warrior
Level 60
30,000+ Achievements
260+ Mounts

Legacy account
Swift Spectral Tiger
Full Tier3
(Paladin & Warrior set)
All CM Completed

Sold for 8,650EUR

Claimed by John Q.

Scarab Lord Hunter
Level 60
23,000+ Achievements
220+ Mounts

Legacy account
Swift Spectral Tiger
Full Tier3
All CM Completed

Sold for 5,150EUR

Claimed by Giovanni D.

Thank you everyone for using our services.

World of Warcraft most expensive account ever sold
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