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We have some of the best in slot characters available for sale in World of Warcraft. is the safest WoW Account selling website as of 2020 and 2021 and we're the only platform that's been providing our buyers with maximum safety on an account purchase.

🔐 We offer Full Bnet name change at no additional cost, already included in the price, the process takes 3 business days and yes, you can play during that time.

What does this mean?
✔️ It means that the account can't ever be reclaimed and you have maximum safety over the account, it will be on your name as if you created it.
Are there any risks?
✔️ There are no risks, we have over 200+ Positive Reviews in total and no account ever got in trouble with our name change method.
Do I have to provide TopWoWAccounts with any private details?
✔️ We don't require any private informations from our buyers once payment is met, you will be asked only for your First name & Last name, Country and Date of birth.
I am sure into buying and I would like an amazing Best in Slot account for Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic WoW yet I didn't see my class listed, any chance you have it?
99% yes! Please note that due to our huge outgrowing community, we have to thank you all for trusting our services and coming back in numbers, we don't have all of our accounts listed, some are reserved, some are instantly sold so you can contact us via Live Chat if you have any specific character/account in mind. was started in 2019 after years of providing our services to bigger websites at that time, such as G2A, Blazingboost. Our feedback was positive and our customers instructed us to create our own website due to the quality of services we're providing and that advice was of good use since right now we benefit of some perks on a global scale.

We're currently the only website on the market that safely sells a top tier WoW account with a free name change included, giving you maximum safety over the purchase you're making.

We've been working hard and we've developed and improved on many aspects, we've made great friends along the way aswell and many of them are still using our services to this day, huge respect and thank you for shaping our craft.

We are all enjoying World of Warcraft and our top priority since day one, was buyers safety, that's why we're giving you lifetime guarantee on the purchase you're making.

Let's all face it, this is a game and we all deserve to play it in the most fun way that's why on our website you will never see weird prices, we're not "milking" our customers for 500% profit on a WoW account. Let's not get it wrong, we have some profit on the accounts which is more than enough for all sides to be happy.

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